Product Pipeline

Successful products supported by strong pipeline

HAL Allergy scientists focus on the development of allergen specific immunotherapies for the worldwide treatment of patients suffering from airway, bee- and wasp venoms and food allergies.

The product portfolio consists of a number of registered products (i.e., PURETHAL® Grasses, PURETHAL® Trees, VENOMENHAL® Bee, and VENOMENHAL® Wasp) and a pipeline of various clinical stage products:

  • PURETHAL® Mites: An allergoid preparation of house dust mites extract for subcutaneous injection

  • SUBLIVAC® FIX Grasses: A liquid preparation containing grass pollen extract for sublingual use

  • SUBLIVAC® FIX Trees: A liquid preparation containing tree pollen extract for sublingual use

  • SUBLIVAC® FIX Mites: A liquid preparation containing house dust mites extract for sublingual use

  • A hypoallergenic peanut extract for subcutaneous administration.

  • ...

PURETHAL® Mites, SUBLIVAC® FIX Trees, SUBLIVAC® FIX Grasses, and SUBLIVAC® FIX Mites are available in several European countries as named patient products. The clinical program for these products described above is conducted under the Therapieallergene-Verordnung (TAV), the regulatory process under which immunotherapies that were on the German market when the regulation came into effect (Nov 14, 2008) will be licensed.

Next to the allergen specific immunotherapies, HAL Allergy has a portfolio of registered allergen preparations for diagnostic use.